Hardback book
The fascinating story of the ever-evolving masters of
doom and gothic metal, PARADISE LOST, is finally
told with full cooperation with the band themselves.
Created by author David E. Gehlke, this mighty tome
is built around in-depth interviews with the core
members of this pioneering English group, Greg
Mackintosh, Nick Holmes, Aaron Aedy and Steve
Edmondson – as well as past members Matthew
‘Tuds’ Archer, Lee Morris and Adrian Erlandsson.
The book includes illustrations and photos throughout,
many exclusive, and features additional written
contributions from those who have worked most
closely with the band, including label insiders and
members of such iconic bands as MY DYING BRIDE,
to mention a foreword from BOLT THROWER/
MEMORIAM frontman Karl Willetts.
Originally released in the US in 2019 where it was
available in a limited run of 1000 copies. Completely
redesigned, it is also expanded to include 80 pages
of new content, including a new chapter, new
interviews and period interviews from the 90s, as
well as a new colour/gloss photo gallery.
432 pages
Hardback book
Colour / gloss gallery section
Interviews with all members of the band

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