Since leaving his own band ATHEIST in 1992 (after nine years and two albums), technical metal drummer Steve Flynn has remained noticeably absent from the music scene. Twelve silent years pass by without no sign, no omen... but that was all about to change... January of 2005 brings Steve Flynn to a local musicians exchange, where he receives a response from guitarist Sonny Carson and bassist Stephen Morley. One very successful jam session begs for another, and then another, and it is already evident that this is the start of something great! The three musicians, continuing to jam and already composing material, seek to complete the lineup with a vocalist who can deliver brutally heavy vocal lines while infusing tone and originality. They find this rare combination with singer Kevin Freeman, and he is added to the lineup. Local guitarist Todd Simpson is recruited to share guitar duty with Carson, and the preliminary lineup is now complete.

The name “GNOSTIC” is adopted and it’s time let the secret out -- to Steve Flynn’s oldest friend and co-founder of Atheist, Kelly Shaefer. Shaefer, remaining active in the music industry, working with bands and developing talent, offers his assistance with representation and production. The band’s first demo “Splinters of Change” is recorded in late 2005; this is the first time in 13 years that the world hears the unmistakable jazzy tech-metal drumming of Steve Flynn. In January 2006, Gnostic replaces Simpson with out long-time acquaintance Chris Baker (formerly with Ghost Story). The sound of GNOSTIC is now complete with a tighter, thicker sound and a heavier overall mix. The new GNOSTIC lineup releases "Isolate Gravity", a new three-song demo that draws the attention of many labels, magazines, fans, and critics alike.

The band records the debut album, and signs with Season of Mist Records. With Jonathan Thompson replacing Stephen Morley on bass, a newly revitalized GNOSTIC prepares for the worldwide release of the debut album in May 2009 and total domination on stages around the world and near you!

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