Do you remember punk rock? No, we’re not talking about the watered-down, homogenized version that dominates corporate-run radio stations and glossy magazines, we’re talking about music that challenges the conventions of what the medium can achieve as an honest form of artistic expression. For the past six years, San Francisco’s Dead To Me have carried on the same tradition as bands like the Clash and the Pogues as they’ve crafted a unique brand of dub-inflected punk rock that’s unlike anything else currently happening in the music world. “We never thought about getting signed or going on tour, we just like wanted to hang out and play music for a few hours after work,” explains bassist/vocalist Chicken who formed Dead To Me with Jack and Brandon of the then-recently defunct street punk act One Man Army in 2003. “I feel lucky for every second I’ve experienced in this band.”


Cuban Ballerina


14.50 €


Moscow Penny Ante

LP12 Vinil

17.50 €

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