Absu is a black metal band from Texas USA. Their early work leaned towards a death metal  sound, but more recently they have incorporated a black and thrash metal sound with some celtic and folk music (which they call "Mythological Occult Metal"). Their lyrical themes are esoteric including themes of Celtic myths and legends, Sumerian myths and legends, magic, weaponry, and sorcery.



LP12 Double Vinil

27.90 €

And Shineth Unto The Cold Cometh...

LP12 Ltd Vinil (Coloured)

18.90 €

In the eyes of ioldánach

LP12 Vinil

22.00 €

Mythological Occult Metal

LP12 Vinil

18.90 €

The Third Storm of Cythraul

LP12 Vinil

18.90 €

Clothing & accessories


Zip Jacket

39.90 €

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