The Deluge

LP12 Vinil (High Roller)

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»The Deluge« (originally issued via Black Dragon Records in 1986) was a very important album in the history of the mighty Manilla Road (up until the present day the record never saw an official US release).
According to Manilla Road founder Mark “The Shark” Shelton, »The Deluge« was a very successful album: "It sold very well at the time. Of course there were no CDs yet and so the free download did not exist either. So everyone that wanted to have »The Deluge« had to purchase it. Our relationship with Black Dragon was really good at that time.”
With songs like "Friction in Mass" and "Rest in Pieces" the album contained some of the fastest songs the band had ever recorded until that point in their history. The title track was actually a prelude to a later song called "Atlantis rising". And even in hindsight Mark Shelton is pretty satisfied with the production values of »The Deluge«.
However, as (nearly) all the earlier Manilla Road albums, »The Deluge« was not well received in the mainstream Metal press at the time. At this point in their career Manilla Road were still way ahead of their time … The public and the press alike needed at least twenty more years to catch up with Mark Shelton and the boys.
1986 was the year when Thrash Metal was starting to get really big - the big four  (Megadeth, Metallica, Anthrax and Slayer) were beginning to crack the mainstream market, which left no room for an Epic Metal band like Manilla Road. So the year 2014 is the ideal time to re-discover one of the best Metal albums of the 1980s (on glorious vinyl).
Vinyl reissue of 80's thrash band MANILLA ROAD'S 5th full-length album from 1986!
»The Deluge« contained some of the fastest songs the band had ever recorded until that point in their history With songs like "Friction in Mass" and "Rest in Pieces"
Transparent electric blue vinyl
425gsm heavy cardboard cover with insert and A5 photo!
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Promotion by Gabriel Management
1. Dementia
2. Shadow in the Black
3. Divine Victim
4. Hammer of the Witches
5. Morbid Tabernacle
6. Isle of the Dead
7. Taken by Storm
8. The Deluge
I. Eye of the Sea
II. Drowned Lands
III. Engulfed Cathedral 
9. Friction in Mass
10. Rest in Pieces

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