Testimony of the Ancients

LP12 Vinil (HammerHeart)

Available from 11/11/2017

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An iconic landmark album within Death Metal. “Testinomy of the Ancients” gets the well-deserved reissue! Now available on 2CD and LP.
Two years after releasing one of the best death metal albums ever to surface from The Netherlands, Pestilence hit jackpot again with their 1991 album “Testimony Of The Ancients”. The biggest differences with their previous effort “Consuming Impulse” are simple: The production is more clean, short intermezzos between all the songs, the average pace is lower and Patrick Mameli has taken over lead vocals. CD 1 / LP
Testimony Of The Ancients
1. The Secrecies Of Horror
2. Bitterness
3. Twisted Truth
4. Darkening
5. Lost Souls
6. Blood
7. Land Of Tears
8. Free Us From Temptation
9. Prophetic Revelations
10. Impure
11. Testimony
12. Soulless
13. Presence Of The Dead
14. Mindwarp
15. Stigmatized
16. In Sorrow
CD 2
Live Dynamo Open Air
1. Dehydrated
2. Chemo Therapy
3. Presence Of The Dead
4. The Process Of Suffocation
5. Lost Souls
6. Twisted Truth
7. Testimony
8. Chronic Infection
9. Stigmatized
10. Out of the Body
Live Nighttown Rotterdam
11. Darkening
12. Presence Of The Dead
13. Prophetic Revelations
14. Suspended Animation
15. The Secrecies of Horror
16. The Trauma
17. Land Of Tears

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