Tao of the devil

LP12 Vinil

Available from 18/10/2016

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Low Desert Punk by Mr. Brant Bjork! 
Sweetest flows, that groovy stoner sound with a healthy dose of 70's style greatness!
Look what the cat dragged in: Low Desert Punk Brant Bjork, king of the sweetest flow and forever kissed by the burning sun of Southern Cali! As the founder of Kyuss, the singer / guitarist / drummer might be the ultimate icon the Desert Rock scene has to offer – but despite all this praise and worship, Brant only concern rests in supplying the planet with unpretentious laid-back rock, adorned with hefty jam-outs! Tao Of The Devil is more focused than its predecessor Black Power Flower and boasts a more song-oriented and groovy stoner sound, with a healthy dose of 70s style greatness.
Brant Bjork - guitar / vocals
Dave Dinsmore - bass
Bubba Dupree - guitar
Ryan Gut - drums

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