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Smash the Discos

LP12 Vinil (Captain Oi!)
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The band was formed in 1979 by school friends Steven ('Steve') Kent (guitar), Michael Fitzsimons ('Micky Fitz') (vocals), Nicholas ('Nick') Cunningham (drums) and Martin Smith (bass).
They played their first gig in front of friends in February 1980, and after taking on Lol Pryor as manager, began performing more often. 
The band's first release was the song "Out in the Cold" on the A Sudden Surge of Sound compilation album.
They played their first Oi! concert in 1981, supporting The 4-Skins, and they became closely associated with the Oi! scene from then on.
While the Oi! movement was labelled as far right and racist (despite the fact that several Oi! bands played at Rock Against Racism concerts), The Business took a stance against political extremism with their Oi Against Racism and Political Extremism ...But Still Against The System tour.
In November 1981, they released their debut single, "Harry May", which spent over three months in the UK Indie Chart, reaching No. 13. The initial line-up split up in late 1981, with Kent, Cunningham, and Smith forming Q-Bow, but Fitz carried on with Pryor, recruiting Graham Ball on guitar, Mark Brennan and Steve Whale from The Blackout, and John Fisher on drums.
The new line-up made their live debut in January 1982, after which Ball and Fisher departed, leaving the band as a four-piece, with Kev Boyce of The Blackout on drums. The new line-up recorded the Smash the Discos EP, which was a No. 3 indie hit,
The Business: One of the pioneers of the Oi punk scene 
Quality re-pressing of their 1982 chart hit EP "Smash The Discos" 
Members over the years have included Mark Brennan, the late great Micky Fitz, Steve Whale, Lol Proctor, Micky Fairbairn and more! 
Extremely limited pressing: only 300 copies worldwide! 
Pressed on Oxblood Red colour vinyl. 
Includes deluxe pvc outer bag.
1. H-Bomb 
2. Sabotage The Hunt 
3. Nobody Listened 
4. Tell Us The Truth 
5. National Insurance Blacklist 
6. Blind Justice 
7. Work Or Riot 
8. Last Train To Clapham Junction
1. Suburban Rebels 
2. Do They Owe Us A Living 
3. Guttersnipe 
4. Law And Order 
5. Smash The Discos 
6. Dayo 
7. Disco Girls

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