Shades of...

LP12 Vinil (HammerHeart)

Available from 25/10/2019

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Shape Of Despair’s “Shades Of...” re-issued due to high demand on vinyl again!
Shape Of Despair’s “Shades Of...” re-issued due to high demand on vinyl again!
This is one of the best releases out of the entire funeral doom genre. There, we said it... Such power and emotion conveyed throughout the duration of the album is most likely unmatched in the Metal world. Words can’t describe the feeling you can get from listening to this album.
The atmosphere it creates, the sound it amplifies, you just can’t describe it. One can not describe the album song by song, because it is more like one long song than five individual songs. The slow-as-can-be distorted guitar just gives off a great sound wqhile the keyboards add so much to the atmosphere. Being funeral doom, the band is basically all about creating a gloomy atmosphere.
Go outside on a gloomy, cold night. Either take a walk, or sit out on a porch or something, and listen to Shape of Despair’s Shades Of... on your headphones. This is truly a beautiful, wondrous piece of music that we recommend to anyone who wants a feeling of despair and ecstasy all at the same time. Slow-motion soundscapes of drifting, floating, dreamlike music, moving in gentle transitions to vaguely shifting perspectives of mood.
Appreciated by Doomster who “enjoy” also: early Katatonia, early My Dying Bride, early Anathema, Thergothon, early Paradise Lost.
1. ...In The Mist
2. Woundheir
3. Shadowed Dreams
4. Down Into The Stream
5. Sylvan-Night

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