Rats in the burlap

LP12 Vinil (Fat Wreck)

Available from 13/04/2015

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Rats in the Burlap is the latest salvo from celtic punks THE REAL McKENZIES. 
The album opens with a rousing anthem worthy of the Edinburgh Military Tattoo and maintains the boot-stomping passion throughout. 
After 23 years of traversing the globe to spread their festive, high-octane, booze-fueled brand of punk rock, THE McKENZIES show no signs of slowing. 
With street-punk standards highlighted by traditional Scottish musical elements, Rats in the Burlap is the perfect representation of what the band does best.
From the fast paced, ultra-riffy punk classic Whod a Thought to the penny whistle that playfully ambles its way through the catchy You Wanna
Know What, the sing-along spirit of the album never lets up.
THE REAL McKENZIES only feel at home while on the road, so rest assured that theyll be sweeping across the land in a dust cloud of big riffs, bagpipes, and pint-hoisting revelry.
01. Wha Saw the 42nd
02. Up on a Motorbike
03. Whod a Thought
04. Midnight Train to Moscow
05. Lilacs in the Alleyway
06. Yes
07. You Wanna Know What
08. What Have You Done
09. Bootsy the Haggis-Eating Cat
10. Spinning Wheels
11. Stephens Green
12. The Fields of Inverness
13. Catch Me
14. Dead or Alive

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