OPUS DIABOLICUM .A celo tribute to Lusitanian Metal Gods Moonspell.
Limited edition: 400 Black Vinyl, 100 Brown Splatter Vinyl.

Everything Invaded, Opium, Alma Mater, Tenebrarum Oratorium, Nocturna, Scorpion Flower, Vampiria, Full Moon Madness, Opus Diabolicum

Opus Diabolicum By Fernando Ribeiro
Before you start dismissing O.D. as a mere Apocalyptica wannabe let me tell you a story, which might help you to get past your prejudice:
Six years ago or so, I was in one of that very, very tired days after weeks of shows and festivals. It was Summer, we were touring, a lot was happening, so I wasn't really in the mood to help out another project, help someone else's dreams with all the drama it invokes, you know the drill. 
Someone kept calling me with a stubborn insistence and I was already in a bad mood when I picked up the phone, in hope of forcing a peaceful and relaxing procrastination. 
One night I went out with some friends to the hip disco/club in Lisbon and the kid behind that phone calls was there and came to say hi. He was a truly cool, humble guy and I started feeling sorry for not paying him and his idea more attention but sometimes stars just don't align. But we chatted the best we could through the noise, drinks, hipsters and of course my tiresome reluctance. He asked me to go outside to his car. Normally I never hear this froma a boy , I didn't knew him, I was with company and I said no until I finally said yes and took off with a bunch of friends to the parking lot of the disco.
Valter and one of his companions took some cellos off their car's trunk and just started jamming Moonspell songs and then they got my undivided attention, like in a magical trick. I could recognize what was coming from those strings and movements, it was the Moonspell songs, but played through a different and enchanting voice which managedgathered a small crowd around us in pure ecstasy, rescued from DJ annoying playing stupid records inside the disco. Our songs outside, with cellos playing them, sounded pure, like dark crystal, like a water fountain springing some first drops which have been contained elsewhere, in another form.
Apocalyptica came to my head but for good reasons as what I was listening in front of me was different, very different even so familiar to me. Moonspell is not Metallica. Opus will not be Apocalyptica. They had the idea first, ok. They are great, ok. They even have met and encouraged Opus in one of their show in Lisbon. But if one is too kind just to take a few minutes to listen to Opus, believe me you will be entering a world where our most important songs, were transformed to give place to something else, something classic,something which reminds you of royal chambers for Art, a late afternoon,drinking and reading, patronizing Art and artists. There is something about the way OD translated our music into their cellos. Something that reminds me of good things, very good things. Something that conjures Bach, Henze, Arnell Andrea, 4 AD into the same banquet where Moonspell music is served. This is not your hooked on the classics, starlight orchestra or string tribute...This is real!
To recreate this parking lot experience is now at your hands. When we said goodbye that first time I told these young wolves: we will meet again and I will have something for you. When we did meet next time I was happy to keep my word (horray!): they joined us on stage as special guests for the sold-out Sombra tour in Portugal, where we recreated with OD's help our best songs and presented them on stage making thousands of fans falling in love with this new approach that was closer to a melodic, atmospheric heart many hold dearly in Moonspell. 
Not only Opus was on stage with us many times as they had their own shows, getting our and their fans attention and respect through their commitment and musicianship. Myself included. To play Wacken 2012 together was such an amazing dream come true to all of us and everybody still talk to us about that show, where they were bewitched with a little help of our own cello masters. Last time we played together was in Lisbon in front of over 10.000 people, headlining the Lisbon festivities.
To experience this is now possible and as far as Moonspell goes, as far as our music goes, and as far our artistic ambitions go, Opus Diabolicum, the work of the devil, is one of the best tributes one could think of for a band such as Moonspell. Opus had the difficult task of translating our moody repertoire into light. We have no massive hit songs, speed metal riffs or ballads the world sings along to. 
Just like us, they are from Portugal where every musician with a new idea has to find their pack or die alone at the hands of the shitty industry we have. I am glad we could accommodate these young and talented cello wolves. And I ask you do the same. You will be surprised and never regret it.
Having said that: I believe you are ready to have everything invaded by Opus Diabolicum.

The History (PT only)

Os Opus Diabolicum foram formados em Braga em finais de 2008, por um quarteto de violoncelistas, como banda de tributo a MoonSpell. Desde a sua estreia ao vivo no Metal Day de 2010 no Parque das Nações realizaram, em nome próprio, dezenas de concertos de norte a sul do país.
Acabam por trabalhar e desenvolver o espectáculo "Sombra", com a banda a quem prestam tributo. O mesmo que resultou numa tour nacional e marcou presença no Wacken Open Air de 2012, na Alemanha. Participaram também no último trabalho de banda, "Alpha Noir / Omega White". 
Em 2013, estreiam na noite de Halloween, um espectáculo que criam em conjunto com o colectivo de dança Ignis Fatuus Luna e tendo como convidadas especiais as Crystal Montain Singers (vozes femininas de apoio aos espectáculos de MoonSpell). Apostando fortemente na componente visual e no exotismo da dança em conjunto com o formato de cordas que os caracteriza, os Opus Diabolicum entregaram-se de corpo e alma e deram provas da sua criatividade e crescimento enquanto banda.
Em Novembro do mesmo ano, entram nos estúdios Inferno, com Pedro Paixão (teclista / guitarrista de MoonSpell) como produtor. Neste trabalho de estreia, auto-intitulado e composto totalmente por versões da banda que lhes deu o mote, MoonSpell, o colectivo reflecte as suas raízes: a formação clássica dos seus elementos em simbiose perfeita com o gosto pela música mais pesada que sempre os acompanhou. Masterizado por Fernando Matias (The Pentagon Audio Manufacturers) e com edição limitada em vinil, esta foi a selecção dos temas escolhidos:
Everything Invaded, Opium, Alma Mater, Tenebrarum Oratorium, Nocturna, Scorpion Flower, Vampiria, Full Moon Madness, Opus Diabolicum (Outro).
Neste momento o grupo é constituído por três violoncelistas: Válter Freitas, Diogo Penha e André Pontifíce.

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