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10 000 RUSSOS

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180g vinyl. For Indie stores only.. 'Kompromat' is the third album from Portuguese trio 10 000 Russos.
Though tapping into the same transcendental minimalism of bands like Neu!, Suicide and Faust, 10 000 Russos have a sound that is solely their own: Joao Pimenta's machine-like percussion and brooding vocal drawls sound like a cyborg Mark E.
Smith drearily narrating the end-of-times atop the abrasive guitar manipulations and experimental loops of Pedro Pestana and driving, motorik basslines that are seemingly summoned from the most depraved corners of André Couto's psyche.
The heaving propulsions of album-opener 'It Grows Under' explore "a general unrest slowly growing inside, a kind-of pre-revolution tension" and 'Runnin' Escapin' is about "random unpredictable situations" and the volatility inherent in them, something that's borne out as the song unfolds throughout its running time.
Then there's the aptly-named 'The People', a throbbing call-to-arms that tackles the album's revolutionary spirit head-on and 'The Wheel', which they say is about "the eternal motion of things and the repetition of history."

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