From The Outer Space

LP12 Vinil (Napalm Records)

Available from 08/11/2019

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STONED JESUS shows you something "From the Outer Space"! First two demos of then-one-man-band were initially unveiled in 2009, and now they're both finally available on limited edition vinyl. Remastered from the original source, these five long tracks retain the uncompromising rawness of material while adding some new, previously unheard nuances to the overall mix. "We've been around for the whole decade now, so I figured it would be cool to give something really cool to all our fans" - comments Igor, STONED JESUS vocalist/guitarist. "But "From the Outer Space" is not a sign of things to come obviously, more like a snapshot of a memory. This is a page of our history for you to own".
Celebrate 10 years of STONED JESUS by diving deep into their roots with this unique demo remaster compilation    
1    The Sweet Whore of Babylon
2    Insatiable King
3    Eastern Magic
4    Occult
5    Black Woods
8. Dragon Star
9. Death by the Hammer 

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