LP12 Vinil (Side One Dummy)

Available from 14/10/2010

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he marriage of punk rock and traditional Celtic music did not end with the Pogues. By the time of 2008's FLOAT, their fourth studio album, Flogging Molly were proving to be as adept as the standard bearers themselves. This record crackles with Guinness-hoisting melodies for the working class and tempos that practically careen out of the grooves--it makes sense for a band founded by Dave King, a veteran of the `80s metal circuit. Anger, nostalgia, and drunkenness are given such a passionate new life on FLOAT, one would think that William of Orange himself was taunting the band in the studio.Spin (p.100) - 3.5 stars out of 5 -- "On FLOAT, beneath the Warped-rousing riffs and the freewheeling accordion, banjo, and fiddle, you can hear Motorhead's bass rig, Johnny Cash's Folsom period, and even tinges of John Lennon's touching balladry."
Alternative Press (p.148) - 4.5 stars out of 5 -- "Decidedly mature and unapologetically soulful, FLOAT is one of the most important records of this young year."
CMJ - "This one is even more tuneful and lilting than usual....The bridge on 'On The Back Of A Broken Dream' slides sideways away from the banjo/accordion rush into a multi-tracked vocal gleam-waltz."
Global Rhythm (Publication) (p.50) - "Flogging Molly continue doing what they do best: smoothly mixing punk and Celtic music into a frothy concoction that translates well on disc."
Harp (magazine) (p.110) - "FLOAT's sentimental ballads and fist-pumping drinking songs spotlight King's airy tenor and a lilting cushion of acoustic guitars, violin, accordion, banjo, and mandolin."

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