Brazilian Nuggets Vol. 1

LP12 Vinil (Groovie)

Available from 14/01/2015

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'BACK FROM THE JUNGLE'. This compilation is nothing more than a homage to those who fought for rock'n'roll in Brazil during the 60s and mid 70s. The tracks featured in Brazilian Nuggets are mainly from very obscure bands that were not even part of the "Jovem Guarda" movement. What you will do find is the wildest and most aggressive garage, psych and strange rock'n'roll released by unknown Brazilian record labels. These are the real heroes of the young modern advanced Brazilian music, because they broke the barriers of hypocrisy and showed that young people and their cheap guitars live not only on love but also on anger! Excellent artwork by mister Darren Merrinuk in deluxe gatefold sleeve with a bunch of photos never seen and pics of all the sleeves included in this compilation. Volume two and tree also on the way with even more obscure and psych fuzz tracks... Included here among others: BLOBS, BEGGERS, LUP & LOY, ALMIR DUARTE, MERLIN'S MESSAGE, BABYS, JOSE LUIZ, OS NATIVOS, ETC. Track list: Side A: A1 Blobs, The - Murder A2 Beggers, The - Esses Homens Farrapos A3 Nicholas Mariano - Dita Cuja A4 Wanderlia - Vou-lhe Contar A5 Zegê & The Silver Jets - Nao Some Nao A6 Lup & Loy - Sincero At Demais A7 Almir Duarte - O Vulto A8 Merlin's Message - Requien A Brian Jones A9 Babys, The - Lei Do Cao Side B: B1 Eduardo Araujo - Nem Sim, Nem Nâo B2 Jos Luiz - At Logo, Como Vai B3 Os Inseparaveis va para casa B4 Os Terriveis - Mar Cruel B5 Fatima Reis & Rolling Fevers - Amando Voce B6 Os Jotas -- O Boi B7 Os Nativos - Cara De Idiota B8 Sueli E Os Kanticus - Que Bacana B9 Os Nucleares - Apolo 

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