LP12 Vinil (Music On Vinyl)

Available from 16/05/2018

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The in 1994 formed music act Amen combines elements of punk, heavy metal and hardcore in their ongoing rock riffs. Their self-titled second album is a collection of punk-metal songs with uncompromising lyrics on serious topics. In comparison to the 1994 debut album Slave it sound is less heavy and leans towards nu-metal. The rawness is to be found in the intensity of the songs, like the crushing finale of "Resignation / Naked and Violent" and the galloping drums of the title track "Coma America". All the aggression they put in their music is both audible in their harsh and expressive songs and the more on punk pop focused songs.
The album is available as a limited edition of 1000 numbered copies and will be released on silver vinyl.

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