Al Kasal

LP12 Vinil

Available from 26/05/2023

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This album by Ratos de Porao "Al Kasal" is the still photo of a historical moment that happened in the mid-90s of the 20th century on the quiet island of Mallorca. For about three years, an old abandoned factory became the dream industry of the city's youth thanks to the first experience of a squatted and self-managed social center. What we find in the sound artifact is the recording of the first visit to the island of the mythical Brazilian hardcore group Ratos de Porao in the period between their albums "Feijoada accidente?" and "Carniceria tropical". The 4-track recording by Javi Vegas captures the freshness and urgency of a band characterized by unbridled fury and technical superiority over many of their contemporaries. But it also shows us a wide cultural richness within the punk universe that has always surrounded them, alternating versions of other groups with own songs from the band from Sao Paulo in their fast-paced set. Includes a 16 page risograph fanzine of the history of Kasal Llibertari.

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