Static Tensions

LP12 Double Vinil (Coloured) (Heavy Psych Sounds)

Available from 15/10/2021

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Vinyl reissue of the 4th KYLESA album!!!
Expanding their signature sound and epic songwriting to new heights, “Static Tensions” is not immediately classifiable; effortlessly fusing avant-garde experimentalism with relentlessly sludgy riffs, drop-tuned guitars and heavy hazed psychedlelia. Seriously recommended listening for appreciators of Baroness, Mastodon, Fugazi and Sonic Youth. Laura Pleasants, who, along with Phillip Cope, provides KYLESA’s dual-guitar and vocal onslaught, said that Static Tensions marks not only the next phase in the band’s musical progression, but is by far KYLESA’s finest and most experimental effort to date. And that would make sense, seeing as Kylesa’s been at it since 2001, and has experienced frequent lineup shifts over the years. Pleasants, who joins Cope as the band’s sole remaining founding member, feels like the band has truly found its thunder Produced by Cope, Static Tensions was tracked at the Jam Room in Columbia, S.C. In order to make the best use of their time, the band utilized two studios simultaneously, at times recording the drum parts of both Carl McGinely and Eric Hernandez. It also provided Pleasants with more time to experiment with guitar parts. "AU of our records sound pretty different, but with the same core vibe or sound, and I think this new record has our core KYLESA sound, but branches out even more to incorporate more of our rock and psychedelic influences." Pleasants explained.
1. Scapegoat
2. Insomnia For Months
3. Said And Done
4. Unknown Awareness
5. Running Red
6. Nature's Predators
7. Almost Lost
8. Only One
9. Perception
10. To Walk Alone

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