Sangue Cassia

LP12 Double Vinil (Coloured) (Season of Mist)

Available from 21/09/2017

Also Available in CD , LP12 Double Vinil (View All)

25.00 €

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CD Digipack | 2LP Black Vinyl | 2LP Red Vinyl (Limited to 150)

After the highly praised 'Semente' (2016), 'Sangue Cássia' marks another huge step in the career of the remarkable band fronted by vocalist extraordinaire Patrícia Andrade. The new full-length clearly shows the confidence and experience gained from their numerous live performances. SINISTRO succeed in expanding their sonic horizon, while keeping all the elements that made 'Semente' special. The melancholy and painful longing expressed in the national chant of Portugal, Fado is seamlessly forged together with rock and metal. SINISTRO harness erotic energy and lustful moments as well as bitterness and regret. Silky softness and velvet warmth contrasts sharply with harsh edges and stinging spikes.

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