Night Eternal

LP12 Ltd Double Vinil (Coloured) (Alma Mater Records)

Available from 13/04/2019

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Official Record Store Day 2019 edition
Release by Moonspell own label Alma Mater Records (2019)
2LP Gatefold with 4-pages-booklet
2LP Galaxy Splatter Blue Black
Fully remastered by Tue Madsen (2019)

'Night Eternal' is the eighth studio album by Portuguese gothic metal pioneers MOONSPELL, originally released on May 16, 2008 in Europe and on June 10, 2008 in North America. It was pre-produced in Portugal with Waldemar Sorychta from 16 November to 30 November 2007, recorded in Denmark at the Antfarm Studio from 7 January to 31 January 2008.  'Night Eternal' still belongs to MOONSPELL's most distinctive records to date, and a MUST-HAVE in every well-sorted MOONSPELL record collection. 
Says Fernando Ribeiro, Alma Mater CEO:  It’s been more than ten years since its original release but this one it’s still  very deeply representative of what MOONSPELL is. Besides, it does  sounds actual and it’s a hard find in the market. Owning the rights to the álbum, we decide to use them, to improve the edition and to bring you almost like a Night Eternal’s director cut, which we hope that can bring great memories or great findings your way.
Properly remastered and with the full tracklist of ALL songs we wrote and recorded for this album (including Age of Mothers, Earth of mine and Unhearted), ALMA MATER RECORDS is proud to bring yet another MOONSPELL title home and of course wishes to thank you for keep on collecting our releases. Regardless of the time that keeps running from us so fast and so slippery, music keeps us in timeless company, as eternal as the night, as if in a spring of rage, first light of our day.“
2LP Tracklist
A1. At Tragic Heights
A2. Night Eternal
A3. Shadow Sun
A4. Scorpion Flower
B1. Moon In Mercury
B2. Hers Is The Twilight
B3. Dreamless (Lucifer And Lilith)
C1. Spring Of Rage
C2. First Light 5:43
D1. Age of Mothers (Bonus Track)
D2. Earth of Mine (Bonus Track)
D3: Unhearted (Bonus Track)
  • HUMBERTO MORAIS 29/05/2019

    Brilhante, uma autentica obra de coleção.

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