Rising From the Sea

LP12 Ltd Vinil (Coloured) (High Roller)

Available from 22/10/2019

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Exumer's classic "Rising From The Sea" album re-issued on Transparent royal blue vinyl!!!
Exumer are one of the living legends of German Thrash. After having re-released their stunning debut “Possessed By Fire” from 1986, High Roller Records now give you the chance to add their second album to your vinyl collection. “Rising From the Sea” from 1987 was Exumer’s last output in the full-length format before the split in 1991.  Back in 1987, reviewers were enthusiastic about Ray Mensh's superb guitar work, which was complemented by Paul Arakaki’s vocals, perfectly matching the song writing and style. Compared to the debut album “Possessed By Fire”, the band’s second output went in a more “Slayer” sounding style of thrash with some of the Exumer trademarks and also showcased some improved technical aspects with regard to musicianship. 1. Winds of Death
2. Rising from the Sea
3. Decimation
4. The First Supper
5. Unearthed
6. Shadows of the Past
7. Are You Deaf?
8. I Dare You
9. Ascension Day

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