A Memorial to Anton Szandor LaVey 
Limited Deluxe Edition 10” Silver Vinyl 
666 signed and hand numbered copies 
This vinyl consists of spoken word passages from "The Satanic Bible" and "Satan Speaks!" by the charismatic voice of Moonspell, the biggest Portuguese Metal band and one of the best worldwide on its genre. The background music, courtesy of one of the leading electronic / ambient projects in Portugal, creates a dark evocative atmosphere, providing the appropriate soundscape and environment for this intense ritual. 
Ritual performed at Urban Insect Studios. 
Langsuyar's vocal work is part of the Daemonarch series: 
Volume I - Hermeticum 1998 E.V. 
Volume II - Apocalypse Cancelled 2008 E.V. 
Side "Laevus" - English 
Side "Dexter" - Portuguese 

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