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Our Darkest Days

LP12 Vinil+CD (Abacus)
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Available from 21/04/2017

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Our Darkest Days perfectly showcases the intelligent, socially and politically aware, melodic hardcore that IGNITE fans have come to expect. 
Our Darkest Days was produced, mixed and engineered by Cameron Webb (SOCIAL DISTORTION, MOTORHEAD, etc.) 
Previous vinyl pressings of Our Darkest Days have been sold out for over 5 years 
IGNITE frontman, Zoli Teglas formerly fronted PENNYWISE and THE MISFITS 
IGNITE has a global fanbase; the band has toured 30+ countries 
Now available again on coloured vinyl in a limited edition pressing. 
For fans of Rise Against, Uniform Choice & Gorilla Biscuits
1. Intro (Our Darkest Days)
2. Bleeding
3. Fear Is Our Tradition
4. Let It Burn
5. Poverty For All
6. My Judgment Day
7. Slowdown
8. Save Yourself
9. Are You Listening
10. Three Years
11. Know Your History
12. Strength
13. Sunday Bloody Sunday
14. Live For Better Days 

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