So Far (Box)

Box Vinil (Sony)

Available from 09/10/2020

168.90 €

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All the albums are pressed on 180g vinyl and the sleeves have been “perfectly replicated” for the first time since their original release, and collected in a white outer box which was designed by Tom Hingston Studios in London.
I’m sure these remasters will sound great, but let’s try and squeeze between the massive twin elephants in the room; the lack of any bonus material and the fact that This Far isn’t coming out on CD.
Even Kate Bush recognised there was a place for bonus albums, gathering B-sides and remixes, when she reissued her catalogue in 2018 and you really have to work hard to make Kate appear more engaged and interested in reissues than you are. There are four non-album B-sides from the first two Sade albums alone, and plenty of single edits and remixes that could have – should have – been collected on a ‘rarities’ set.

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