Deluxe Picture-LP boxset from Pestilence!
Deluxe Picture-LP boxset from Pestilence!
After one of the most succesfull years in their already more than impressive career Pestilence announces a final release for 2018...and what a release this will be! 
Under the name “Prophetic Revelations 1987-1993” Pestilence and Hammerheart Records present you a killer boxed-set of their first four legendary albums as 180 grams Picture-LP’s, in a high quality box, with some
more extra’s added. 
This will be a one-time limited release of 1.000 copies worldwide.
Includes:Consuming Impulse Picture-LP; Malleus Maleficarum Picture-LP; Testimony Of The Ancients Picture-LP
Spheres Picture-LP; Slipmat; A2 Poster.
For fans of: Death, Kreator, Sepultura, Obituary, Morbid Angel, Bolt Thrower, Atheist, Gorguts, Obscura
Malleus Maleficarum
1. Malleus Maleficarum/Antropomorphia
2. Parricide
3. Subordinate To The Domination
4. Extreme Unction
5. Commandments
6. Chemo Therapy
7. Bacterial Surgery
8. Cycle Of Existence
9. Osculum Infame
10. Systematic Instruction
Consuming Impulse
1. Dehydrated
2. The Process Of Suffocation
3. Suspended Animation
4. The Trauma
5. Chronic Infection
6. Out Of The Body
7. Echoes Of Death
8. Deify Thy Master
9. Proliferous Souls
10. Reduced To Ashes
Testimony Of The Ancients
1. The Secrecies Of Horror
2. Bitterness
3. Twisted Truth
4. Darkening
5. Lost Souls
6. Blood
7. Land Of Tears
8. Free Us From Temptation
9. Prophetic Revelations
10 Impure
11. Testimony
12. Soulless
13. Presence Of The Dead
14. Mindwarp
15. Stigmatized
16. In Sorrow
1. Mind Reflections
2. Multiple Beings
3. The Level Of Perception
4. Aurian Eyes
5. Soul Search
6. Personal Energy
7. Voices From Within
8. Spheres
9. Changing Perspectives
10. Phileas
11. Demise Of Time

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