Rise Against

EP7 Vinil (Fat Wreck)

Available from 21/05/2013

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One of the most successful bands to ever be a part of the Fat Wreck family, RISE AGAINST recently decided to get back to their indie roots by releasing a 7” on the label where it all started. The 7” is self titled and features two unreleased songs the band recorded while laying down their last album. As if the lure of brand new unreleased songs wasn’t enough, the band opted to make this a one time only pressing, limited to 5000, assuring that this 7” will be snatched up instantaneously by the legions of RISE AGAINST fans. Here’s what Tim Mcilrath (Singer/Guitarist) recently had to say about how this release came to be: “So we lost a bet to Fat Mike, and along with our first born children, he asked for an exclusive seven inch with two new, unreleased songs to be released by Fat Wreck. We surrendered the last two unreleased songs from the Appeal To Reason sessions; "Grammatizator" and "Voice Of Dissent.""
Side A – Voice of Dissent
Side B – Grammatizator

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