Oxy moronic

EP7 Vinil (Fat Wreck)

Available from 10/02/2017

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2016 has been an incredible year for NOFX. The New York Times Bestseller NOFX: The Hepatitis Bathtub and Other Stories was unleashed unto the world, delving deep into the personal lives of each member of NOFX, exposing ordeals that have never been talked about publicly. 
Fresh off their book tour, NOFX then released their critically acclaimed, and perhaps most personal album to date First Ditch Effort. 
Now we bring you a unique 7”, featuring the single “Oxy Moronic” as well as a previously unreleased early demo version of the song. 
The 2 song 7” is the third instalment of Fat’s “Original Demos” series, and is available on limited white vinyl. 
Only 2,500 copies pressed!
Colour vinyl! 
Low price point for limited colour vinyl 
Over 5 million in catalogue sales 
Limited pressing of 2,500 
The video for Oxy Moronic was produced by Funny or Die and has received over 260,000 plays 
US tour planned for November 2016 
Full commercial radio servicing for “Oxy Moronic” 
The demo version of “Oxy Moronic” is previously unreleased 
3rd instalment of the “Original Demos” series 
NOFX fans are avid vinyl collectors
Side A
1. Oxy Moronic
Side B
2. Oxy Moronic (demo version) 

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