Wagner Reloaded - Live in Leipzig

LP12 Double Vinil (BMG)

Available from 21/11/2013

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Finnish cello-based heavy rockers Apocalyptica want to be remembered as the band that brought balls back to heavy metal and the band that did so in a unique way. 
Since its inception, the band has been mining the classical form and structure, coming up with something totally unpredictable and utterly unforgettable.
Twenty years into an inimitable and formidable career, they are still reinventing themselves and finding new sources of inspiration.
That's not easy to do! So here we go again:
May 22, 2013 marked the 200th anniversary of the birth of composer Richard Wagner. Gregor Seyffert, a world wide awarded and acknowledged choreographer and dancer, staged a brilliant and magical, cross-genre event, featuring elements of dance and theater in a live concert celebrating the oeuvre of Wagner. The event was not based on sole works but on Wagner's body of work and his life. It was then presented on stage, with Apocalyptica composing the music. This music forms "Wagner Reloaded live in Leipzig". 
The live product will be comprised of the very compositions from that event. Overall, Wagner Reloaded was, as is the case with all Apocalyptica material, something else. Ultimately, it's new Apocalyptica compositions, inspired by this event.
And once again state of the art!

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