The Great Cold Distance

LP12 Double Vinil (Peaceville)

Available from 26/05/2011

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For all of you new to Katatonia, they are a dark, progressive blend of melancholic and aggressive melodies. The structure of the songs allows them to shift from sometimes very ambient, melodic and depressing to crushing agressive often times complex riffs. People often compare these guys to Opeth, and sometimes the emotional atmosphere is quite similar, however, I'd draw a closer connection to the likes of Tool, or more meloidc metal such as Novembre, and even some elements of Porcupine Tree. 
The vocals are rarely screamed, and if they are it's usually in the background, which creates a haunting aura. Very powerful. Tracks like Rusted and Leaders use this effect very well. 
Anyways, their last album, Viva Emptiness created a musical journey through powerful emotional mixtures, however, the album didn't have the flow The Great Cold Distance has. This is quite possibly their best of their new stuff. (I'm not too familiar with thier old stuff, all I know is that it is Doom Metal, and I am starting to explore it) Not only is each song solid with great composition, execution, TOP NOTCH production, but the album as a WHOLE flows together. If in the right mind set, you can almost feel like you're in the mistd of some Great Cold Distance. It's an atmosphere few bands are able to acomplish. 
This is truley a haunting album which I strongly believe fans of many different types of music can relate to. Fans of Doom/Death/Black metal would most likely like this just as much as fans of progressive/melodic/experiemental metal would. This is must buy for Katatonia fans, and would be a GREAT place to start for newcommers... 
Track ratings 
Leaders - 5/5 
Deliberation - 5/5 
Soil's Song - 5/5 
My Twin - 5/5 
Consternation - 4/5 
Follower - 4/5 
Rusted - 5/5 (my second favorate) 
Increase - 5/5 
July - 10/5 (my favorite) 
In The White - 5/5 
The Itch - 5/5 
Journey Through Pressure - 4/5

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