The Direction of Last Things

LP12 Double Vinil (Century Media)

Available from 26/11/2015

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The fifth studio album by the Californian post-metal/prog act, “The Direction of Last Things”, is, in their own words, “most technical, brutal, catchy, and straight up fearless.”
What’s particularly fantastic about “The Direction of Last Things” is that it’s memorable. Whether it’s the vocal melodies of “Digital Gerrymandering” or the unbelievable near-instrumental journey of “Sul Ponticello”, or the wicked riffs throughout the title track, INTRONAUT were careful to make the intricate and the sinuous a quick study. “I really missed making records that not only thought outside the box, but also beat the shit out of you,” guitarist/vocalist Sacha Dunable confesses. To achieve that, the band also went for a more spontaneous approach in terms of recording. The Californians spent a grand total of four days, recording mostly as a live band, with Josh Newell at Clear Lake Audio.
The advantage of recording “The Direction of Last Things” expediently was that INTRONAUT could re-direct the budget to the mix. They pulled in Devin Townsend for mix to make INTRONAUT’s fifth full-length hit with heaviness and clarity. Songs like “Fast Worms”, “City Hymnal”, “The Pleasant Surprise”, and “The Unlikely Event of a Water Landing” sound just as vibrant and full on a set of earbuds as they do on a pair of stereo speakers. Fans of Mastodon, Neurosis, Isis, The Ocean, Baroness or even Tool will certainly embrace the dynamics, immersive flow and sheer beauty of this record.

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