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Marking the 30 anniversary of Bob Marley's death in May 1981, this Double Album collects together highlights from Marley's pre-Island Records recordings.
Bob Marley had already established himself as the leading voice of Reggae music before his signing to Island Records in 1972 and his rise to international super-stardom.
This is evident from these 20 gems from his earlier recordings made with The Wailers, which many reggae authorities consider to be his finest and purest work.
Very much roots-based, they are in marked contrast to Marley's later ones for Island, where his sound was tailored towards the lucrative rock market.
These remarkable recordings from the late 60's and early 70's remain as testament to Marley's genius as both a songwriter and a singer.
Comprising in the main of titles from his sessions with famed producer Lee Perry, the set features several titles which Marley was successfully to return to in later years, such as 'Trenchtown Rock', 'Lively Up Yourself', and 'Natural Mystic'.
The set also contains several sought-after titles and versions as well as his original recording of 'Concrete Jungle', a highlight of his 'Catch A Fire' debut album for Island.
The media activity surrounding the 30th anniversary of Marley's death is set to re-kindle interest in the recorded legacy of reggae music's first superstar to which this set will provide an ideal introduction.

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