Slit Throat Requiem

LP12 Double Vinil

Available from 20/03/2019

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Heavily orchestral on all fronts, from the ambient sound-generating guitar assault, the pounding battery, glorious sounding keyboards, and the piercing vocal incantations spewed forth, “Slit Throat Requiem” emerges as a black metal attestation to the genre’s true spirit and manifesting flame. A testimony compulsory in today’s black metal landscape.
Glömd – lead vocals
Swartadaupuz – guitars, bass, backing vox
Esoterica – guitars, bass, and keyboards
S. Blackburn – guitars, bass, and keyboards
J. Blackburn – drums
Track listing for “Slit Throat Requiem”
Promethean Flame
Of Crimson Eyes
Slit Throat Requiem
Journey Through Stagnant Time and Misery
Beasts of Horn and Wing
Diabolical Reverence
Unfurl the Profane Wisdom

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