Siren Charms

LP12 Double Vinil (Sony)

Available from 04/09/2014

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Siren charms BEIGE/WHITE VINYL + Magnet
Beige / white double vinyl in a gatefold sleeve. With more than three million copies sold worldwide and ten studio albums to date, Swedish modern metal band In Flames have not only redefined the genre during the past years, but also made their mark far beyond its boundaries. “Siren Charms” aims to continue on this success with 11 tracks offering blistering metal anthems such as Rusted Nail and Filtered Truth. This album marks a turning point for the band as they move towards a more accessible sound while still maintaining their hard-earned rock credentials.
Siren charms FANBOX + MAGNET
The insane fan edition contains the new album by the Swedes on eleven beige/white 7" EPs (each containing an album song and its matching instrumental version) plus the limited ecolbook in a black box!

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