Feels Like the First Time

LP12 Double Vinil (Let Them Eat Vinyl)

Available from 25/06/2012

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(180g transparent blue vinyl)

DELUXE VINYL EDITION!!!Previously unreleased broadcast of the seminal free concert at Seattle's Pier 48 in September 1993. Also included is a second Nirvana broadcast of the band's show at The Palace, in Melbourne, Australia on 2nd February, 1992, with Nirvana showcasing much of what was then their new album, Nevermind. Finally an additional four tracks from the two appearances Nirvana made on legendary American sketch show "Saturday Night Live" are also made available
SIDE A (MTV Live & Loud 1993) 
1. Radio Friendly Unit Shifter 
2. Drain You 
3. Breed 
4. Serve The Servants 
5. Rape Me 
SIDE B (MTV Live & Loud 1993) 
6. Heart Shaped Box 
7. Penny Royal Tea 
8. Scentless Apprentice 
9. Lithium 
10. Endless Nameless 
SIDE C (Triple J broadcast 1992) 
1. About A Girl 
2. Come As You Are 
3. Breed 
4. Polly 
5. Lounge Act 
6. Love Buzz 
7. Lithium (Triple J broadcast 1992) 
8. Smells Like Teen Spirit (Saturday Night Live, 1992) 
9. Territorial Pissings (Saturday Night Live, 1992) 
10. Rape Me (Saturday Night Live, 1993) 
11. Heart Shaped Box (Saturday Night Live, 1993)

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