Everybody Knows

LP12 Double Vinil (Unkown Label)

Available from 17/11/2010

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2010 album from the Alt-Rock vets. Everybody Knows is their 14th album and it vibrates to the sound of some newly discovered ancient music, Psychedelic Rock and ambient electronics. As 1968 makes way for 2010, "No Land's Man" (a future live behemoth) dynamites the brain with its Hendrixian solos. The manic tension doesn't falter as the band follows up with "Mister Sunshine", a shamanic meditation and colossal anthem. The record also has its share of softer moments on "Two To Tango" and "Aux Anges". It almost goes without saying that The Young Gods are as breathtaking and tight as ever. Franz Treichler, Al Comet, Bernard Trontin and Vincent H„nni have produced an indefinable album with acoustic, electric, electronic, vintage and avant garde elements that subtly reference recent albums as well as their majestic past.

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