Dirty (2LP)

LP12 Double Vinil (Universal)

Available from 04/12/2015

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Universal Music are pleased to reissue this popular Sonic Youth title. Dirty is the seventh studio album, released on July 21, 1992. The band recorded and produced the album with Butch Vig in early 1992 at The Magic Shop studios. The sound on Dirty was inspired by the grunge scene of the time, and was described as avant-rock

Disc: 1
  1. 100%
  2. Swimsuit Issue
  3. Theresa's Sound-world
  4. Drunken Butterfly
  5. Shoot
  6. Wish Fulfillment
  7. Sugar Kane
  8. Orange Rolls, Angel's Spit
Disc: 2
  1. Youth Against Fascism
  2. Nic Fit
  3. On the Strip
  4. Chapel Hill
  5. JC
  6. Purr
  7. Créme Brûlèe

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