Ashes Of The Wake (15th Anniversary)

LP12 Double Vinil (Sony)

Available from 03/05/2019

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Ashes of the Wake is the fourth studio album and first major label release by American metal band Lamb of God, originally released in 2004 via Epic Records. Rated by Metal Hammer as the 5th greatest Metal Album of The 21st Century. The album is aimed at the war in Iraq, with songs such as "Ashes of the Wake" (which includes snippets of former Marine Staff Sergeant Jimmy Massey in an interview after his return from the Iraq War), "Now You've Got Something to Die For", "One Gun" and "The Faded Line".
To celebrate the 15th anniversary of Ashes of the Wake, Legacy will be releasing an expanded 2LP package which will include the original album and 4 non-LP tracks including 2 previously unreleased demos. Pressed on standard black vinyl.
Release date 3rd May 2019.
Side A.
1. Laid to Rest
2. Hourglass
3. Now You've Got Something to Die For
4. The Faded Line
Side B.
1. Omerta
2. Blood Of The Scribe
3. One Gun
4. Break You
Side C.
1. What I've Become
2. Ashes of the Wake
3. Remorse Is for the Dead
Side D.
1. Another Nail For Your Coffin
2. Laid to Rest (Demo)
3. Ashes of the Wake (Demo)
4. Remorse Is for the Dead (Demo)

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