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LP12 Double Vinil (Nuclear Blast)

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RAGE is active for 28 long years now. Still they sound fresh and reinvent themselves, with every record. RAGE has always been unique, and the current line-up seems to be the strongest and most inspired ever. With their mix of Heavy Metal, progressive and classical elements and powerful Thrash passages, RAGE are always moving forward, adding new elements to their sound – still keeping their roots and trademarks. Their latest surprise is their new album “21”, where Peavy, Victor and André deliver the most heavy, fast and killing record of their long career. It was recorded at the "Twilight Hall studios" in Krefeld/Grefrath (owned by the Blind Guardian guys), and produced by Charlie Bauerfeind (HammerFall, Helloween, etc.) and guitarist Victor Smolski himself. Also the lyrics of “21” make this record to a real killer. With the exception of two songs, they deal with topics like suicide, mass murder, serial killers and murder in general. This album – which is also their 21st (!!!) in their career - represents a true highlight in the history of this exceptional band. With the release of their debut album "Prayers of Steel" in 1984, the band started its career. In the following years, RAGE toured tirelessly throughout Europe, released more albums regularly, and earned a huge following. The international breakthrough succeeded in 1992 with the album "Trapped". With "Lingua Mortis" RAGE delivered in 1996 the first classical album of a German metal band and presented this album together with an orchestra on a very successful festival tour live on stage. An important milestone in the history of RAGE is the album "Ghosts" from the year 1999. With this record, guitar player and multi-talented Victor Smolski joined the band. Since them Victor and Peavy Wagner are the musical leader of the band. An unexpected success was the song "Straight to Hell", composed by Victor Smolski, for the RAGE Album "Welcome To The Other Side" which served as the soundtrack for the most successful German film production "Der Schuh des Manitu" in 2008. At their 25th band anniversary in 2009, RAGE reached the 3rd place of the German “Bundesvision Songcontest” – which had millions of viewers on TV, with their song "Gib Dich Nie Auf". Germany’s most popular entertainer Stefan Raab, called RAGE his favourite metal band. With this success, RAGE released the album "Strings To A Web" in 2010, followed by a extended tour in Europe, Russia and Japan. The highlight was the headlining show on the sold-out "Rock Hard Festival" in Gelsenkirchen, together with the Lingua Mortis Orchestra. In the meantime, RAGE and the Lingua Mortis Orchestra are two separate institutions. Thus, RAGE can concentrate more onto hard songs, what the new album "21" brings clearly to light!

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