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After touring Worldwide for nearly 30 years, Blaze Bayley has decided to release a DVD combining the best songs from his impressive career. From the start in Wolfsbane, through the time in Iron Maiden and with the best of his solo career, this DVD offers a wide variety of songs that take the fans on the journey of Blaze Bayley. The DVD was recorded in Czech Republic in April 2014. The editing of the DVD has been done by Blaze Bayley with cooperation from Alfedus from Prague, Czech Republic. The backing band used for this DVD is Absolva, who toured with Blaze Bayley earlier this year. The set is a massive 2 hours long and also has bonus material.
1 Intro
2 Speed of Light
3 The Launch
4 Futureal
5 Silicon Messiah
6 Ghost in the Machine
7 Kill and Destroy
8 Lord of the Flies
9 King of Metal
10 Samurai
11 Stare at the Sun
12 Clansman
13 Robot
14 Eating Children
15 Watching the night sky
16 The Brave
17 Motherfuckers-R-Us
18 Soundtrack of my life
19 Virus
20 Tough as steel
21 Man on the edge
22 Blood and Belief
23 The Man Who Would Not Die
Bonus material.
Antwerp songs
1 Ten Seconds
2 Virus
3 Voices from the past
4 Soundtracks of my life
5 The Black Country
Acoustic Music Videos
1 Stealing time
2 One more step!

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