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MANOWAR release Hell on Earth V (double DVD), the first of the Hell On Earth series
made exclusively in High Definition. We've listened to the fans and are giving them the magnum opus they demanded
from us featuring live, full-length versions of songs never before seen or heard on previous MANOWAR DVDs.
With brand new cover art by world famous artist Ken Kelly, Hell on Earth V was five years in the making and shot
from over 150 camera angles, using helicopters, camera cranes, mounted cameras and hand-held HD cameras.
Highlights include the Viking Encore set, recorded during MANOWAR's 2007 Demons, Dragons & Warriors European
tour and featuring full-length versions of "The Sons of Odin", "Glory, Majesty, Unity", "Gods of War", "Army of the
Dead Part 2", "Odin" and "Hymn of the Immortal Warrior".
Other songs featured in their entirety from 2007 include, "Die for Metal", "Gloves of Metal" and "Mountains".
In addition, Hell on Earth V also includes footage from the very recent Death To Infidels Tour, during which
MANOWAR headlined six of Europe's biggest festivals in Finland, France, Spain, Romania, Norway and Germany as
well as the first ever open-air show in Moscow, Russia on Gorky Park. Songs include "God or Man", "Thunder in the
Sky", "Call to Arms", "Father", "Let the Gods Decide", "Hand of Doom", "Sleipnir" and "Loki God Of Fire".
The DVD covers the world premiere of "The Asgard Saga", with the release of the "Thunder In The Sky EP" at the
Magic Circle Festival III in Loreley, Germany. The Asgard Saga is the first interactive fantasy adventure by MANOWAR
and Germany's best-selling fantasy author Wolfgang Hohlbein.
Hell on Earth V also features highlights from Turkey, Spain, Czech Republic, United States & Canada in 2005, Greece
and Russia in 2007, a full-length version of "Hail and Kill", filmed during a lightning storm at Istanbul's fearsome
Fortress of the Seven Towers, and much, much more!!! Hell on Earth V... made for the fans, by the fans!
DVD 1 
1 Introduction 2 Loki God Of Fire - Opening Sequence 3 Hand Of Doom - Norway 2009 4 Die For Metal - Germany 2007 5 Turkey 6 Hail And Kill - Turkey 2005 7 Spain 2005 8 Sleipnir - Spain 2009 9 North America 2005 10 Thunder In The Sky - Magic Circle Festival III, Germany 2009 11 Manowar Rehearsal, Fans and Beer 12 Mountains - Germany 2007 13 Call To Arms - Finland 2009 14 Gloves Of Metal - Germany 2007 15 Greece 2007 16 Let The Gods Decide - Russia/ Germany 2009 17 Czech Republic 2005 - 2007 18 The Ascension - Czech Republic 2005 19 King Of Kings - Czech Republic 2005 20 Germany 2007 - 2009 21 God Or Man - Magic Circle Festival III, Germany 2009 22 Father - Magic Circle Festival III, Germany 2009 23 Loki God Of Fire - Romania 2009 24 Demons Dragons And Warriors Tour Documentary 2007 25 Sons Of Odin - Germany 2007 26 Glory, Majesty,Unity - Germany 2007 27 Gods Of War - Germany 2007 28 Army Of The Dead Part II- Germany 2007 29 Odin - Germany 2007 30 Hymn Of The Immortal Warrior - Germany 2007 31 End Credits 32 Immeasurable Punishment
1 Die For Metal Music Video 2 The Crown And The Ring - France 3 The Ascension Orchestra Rehearsal - Czech Republic 2005 4 Asgard Saga Trailer 5 Asgard Saga Documentary 6 Father Documentary 7 Manowar Cafe 8 Gods Of War Album Documentary 9 Highlights From The Death To Infi dels Tour 2009 10 Magic Circle Festival III Documentary 11 Metal Moments

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