The Nuclear Blast Recordings (3CD)

3CD (Dissonance)

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Destruction - "The Nuclear Blast Recordings" compiles three classic albums the German thrash legends released through Nuclear Blast records. The albums included are "All Hell Breaks Loose" (2000), "The Antichrist" (2001) and "Day Of Reckoning" (2011). Destruction are credited as one of the "Big Four" of the German thrash metal scene, the others being Kreator, Sodom and Tankard.
CD1 (All Hell Breaks Loose)
2.The Final Curtain
3.Machinery Of Lies
4.Tears Of Blood
5.Devastation Of Your Soul
6.The Butcher Strikes Back
7.World Domination Of Pain
8.Extreme Measures
9.All Hell Breaks Loose
10.Total Desaster
11.Visual Prostitution
12.Kingdom Of Damnation
13.Mad Butcher
14.Total Desaster 2000
17.Satan’s Vengeance
CD2 (The Antichrist)
1.Days Of Confusion
2.Thrash Till Death
3.Nailed To The Cross
4.Dictators Of Cruelty
5.Bullets From Hell
6.Strangulated Pride
7.Meet Your Destiny
8.Creations Of The Underworld
9.Godfather Of Slander
10.Let Your Mind Rot
11.The Heretic
12.Curse The Gods
CD3 (Day Of Reckoning)
1.The Price
2.Hate Is My Fuel
4.Devil’s Advocate
5.Day Of Reckoning
6.Sorcerer Of Black Magic
8.The Demon Is God
9.Church Of Disgust
10.Destroyer Or Creator
11.Sheep Of The Regime
12.Stand Up And Shout

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