The devil strikes again (Deluxe)

3CD (Nuclear Blast)

Available from 10/06/2016

27.50 €

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The RAGE is on again! Rejuvenated & alienated! Über thrash celebration!” (etwas seltsam mit dem “alienated”)
ROCK TRIBUNE (B), Vera Matthijssens
“Absolutely new classic! Peavy is back to the roots. Warning - this is raw and heavy as you can imagine. You will feel this fresh blood on your hears. This is RAGE with turbo machine!”
SPARK (CZ), David Havlena
“Heavy, dark piece of variable shit with nice hooks!”
LEGACY (D), Marcus Italiani
“RAGE’s very own demon strikes back with an overwhelming piece of work swinging between huge thrash riffs and slamming power metal melodies. The true essence of teutonic violence and international airplay.”
ROCK HARD (I), Emanuele Biani
“Fresh, powerful, aggressive, but tormentic. Who needs more? RAGE are back, stronger than ever.”
METALLIAN (F), Denis Halleux

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