In honor of her 30 years stage jubilee, internationally successful rock singer DORO PESCH will release a special anniversary edition of her 17th studio album »Raise Your Fist«. 
Besides all 13 regular album tracks, »Raise Your Fist (30 Years Anniversary Edition)«, will include a bonus CD entitled »Powerful Passionate Favorites« featuring cover version of some of DORO’s all-time favourite songs. 
»Powerful Passionate Favorites« contains some unreleased tracks and cover versions of artists, such as LED ZEPPELIN, TINA TURNER, METALLCA and DIO. 
Another highlight is the French version of her hit `Raise Your Fist In The Air‘ as well as a new mix of `It Still Hurts‘, a duet along with MOTÖRHEAD icon Lemmy Kilmister.
It was the very sophomore release »Hellbound« of 1985 (being the follow-up to previous year’s debut »Burning The Witches«) that showcased DORO PESCH and her band mates achieving something only very few rockers and metalheads in Germany had accomplished back then: drawing the focus from the New Wave of British Heavy Metal to “Teutonic Metal”. It was not for nothing that the German newcomers offhandedly performed as special guests for legends such as JUDAS PRIEST, DIO and W.A.S.P. and got the chance to compete with bands like METALLICA, VENOM and the PRETTY MAIDS at “Metal Hammer Festival” in 1986. At the legendary “Monsters of Rock” festival in 1986, DORO PESCH even entered the stage of this British mega-event as the first woman ever to play to 120.000 fans. 
The kick-off of DORO’s solo career went ahead equally fast from 1989 on. Every single album that was released since the turn of the millennium made it into the Top-30 of the German album charts – the last output »Raise Your Fist« even entered rank 16. Apart from that, DORO also appeared as an actress in the movie “Anuk” (2006) by director Luke Gasser and participated in the shooting of its sequel in Ireland and Switzerland.
To celebrate her 30 years stage jubilee, DORO will be playing two separate yet unique shows on May 02: the “Classic Night” with Orchestra, and May 03: the “Rock Night” with many guests and fans from all over the world, at CCD Stadthalle of her hometown Düsseldorf. 
Considering the hit potential and evergreen spirit of the songs, there’s no doubt that »Raise Your Fist (30 Years Anniversary Edition)« will continue DORO’s success story. Take for example the title track of the album (and of the EP), that immediately encourages to rock along and bears the potential to replace `All We Are´ as THE trademark song. And also the energetic speedster ‘Take No Prisoner’ as well as the double bass anthem ‘Revenge’ have a similar impact on your desire for head banging. 
‘Coldhearted Lover’ and ‘Rock Till Death’ brim over with arena rock appeal, while the sensitive and epic but at the same time powerful track ‘It Still Hurts’ scores big time on an emotional level – not only because of the terrific duet with MOTÖRHEAD’s Lemmy. The same applies to the German song ‘Engel’, with a magnificent dreamy piano/synthesizer intro that stages DORO’s expressional voice perfectly. 
Due to its swinging groove, ‘Freiheit (Human Rights)’ adds a refreshing facet to the overall appearance of »Raise Your Fist (30 Years Anniversary Edition)«. The same is true for the slightly KYUSS-meets-AEROSMITH-like ‘Victory’ and for the concluding track ‘Hero’ with its magical atmosphere and gloomy BLACK SABBATH flair – dedicated to the legendary Ronnie James Dio who sadly passed away four years ago and the first song that DORO wrote for this album. Not forgetting the stoically marching mid-tempo song ‘Grab The Bulls By The Horns’ that features some licks by no less a figure than Ozzy Osbourne’s current guitarist Gus G. and underlines the high song writing level of the record perfectly. 
All in all: The incredible dynamism, compositional diversity (on this part, DORO worked again with US song writing genius Joey Balin, with whom she had composed songs for records such as »Triumph & Agony« and »Force Majeure« among others) and the richness of detail make that »Raise Your Fist (30 Years Anniversary Edition)« an album that can even satisfy the demands of the most demanding connoisseurs of music

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