Kill to survive

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A forgotten classic, without a doubt... remastered!
While Boston’s Meliah Rage segued into thrashier territory with the admittedly-spectacular “Solitary Solitude”, their finest moment has to be the debut “Kill to Survive”. This record is a stone-cold heavy metal classic, fusing classic-sounding riffs with incendiary thrash intensity, epic vocals and an acrobatic, multifarious grasp of the disparate elements that contribute to the overall sound. CD 1 / LP
Kill to Survive
1. Beginning of the End
2. Bates Motel
3. Meliah Rage
4. Deadly Existance
5. Enter the Darkness
6. Impaling Doom
7. The Pack
8. Kill to Survive (Japanese bonustrack)
CD 2
Demo 1 (1987)
1. Beginning of the End
2. Kill to Survive
3. Enter the Darkness
4. The Pack
Demo 2 (1987)
5. Kill to Survive
Live (1988)
6. Bates Motel
7. Meliah Rage
8. Deadly Existence
Rehearsal (1986)
9. Misunderstood
10. Beginning of the End
11. The Eagle
12. Stand Up
13. Warrior Lord
14. Enter the Darkness
15. Fight
16. The Pack

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