Ironsword | Return of the Warrior

2CD (Alma Mater Records)

Available from 20/11/2020

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2CD Digipack with 16 pages booklet.

Ironsword first two records available again via Alma Mater Records. The legendary early years!

New design.

A few words from Mr. Tann / Ironsword himself:
“IRONSWORD’s self-titled  debut and “Return of the Warrior” are considered quintessential by many of our die hard fans.  I cannot deny that fact and I am still humbled about the huge impact it had back then. It  did help the band to strengthen our barbarian stronghold and attain underground cult status. 
Released originally in 2002 and 2004 and completely sold out  and out of print long ago, the Ironsword’s hordes have been demanding  for a proper reissue increased over the years. 
I am really thrilled that these "most wanted" albums are finally available again in their full splendour via Alma Mater Records, our label and partners in crime.
Stay tuned for more Ironsword news soon! A new aeon is coming!”

CD 1 - Ironsword
1. Intro
2. March On
3. King Of All Kings
4. Legions
5. Under The Flag Of Rome
6. Into The Arena
7. Ancient Sword Of The Dead
8. Call Of Doom
9. Guardians
10. Burning Metal
11. Outro

CD 2 - Return of the Warrior
1. Ironsword
2. Beginning Of The End
3. First Masters
4. Return Of The Warrior
5. Brothers Of The Blade
6. Nemedian Chronicles
7. Way Of The Barbarian
8. Dragons Of The Sea
9. The Wench
10. War Hymn
11. Death Or Glory
12. Let The Titans Collide

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