Within The Prophecy

CD (HammerHeart)

Available from 24/02/2018

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“Within The Prophecy”, a cult record, filling the gap between Crust, Thrash and early Death Metal! Needed in your collection if you like: 80’s Thrash Metal, old Slayer, old Bolt Thrower, the roots of Doom/Deat Metal.
Sales points:
• Deluxe packaging: CD comes as a 6 panel digipack features 1 studio and 4 demo-bonus songs
• First time ever officially released on CD, with full contribution by the band
• LP comes with on 180 grams insert, high quality artwork re-done from the original
• High in demand vinyl repress, out of print since the late 80’s, original on Under One Flag in Europe, Metal Blade in the U.S.
• Fully remastered by Toneshed Studio from the best possible audio-sources, resulting in a crushing sound
• A truelly unique album that influenced Bolt Thrower in their guitar sound
• Fenriz approved!

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