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Unholier than you


Available from 21/06/2017

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Infernäl Mäjesty is a Canadian extreme metal band, formed in Vancouver (BC) early 1986. They are best known for their debut album ‘None Shall Defy’, released in 1987. Prior to their debut full length Infernäl Mäjesty released their self titled four track debut demo in 1986. One year after the debut they recorded a second demo ‘Nigresent Dissolution’. Infernal Majesty’s second album "Unholier than Thou" is now finally re-issued. The album was released eleven years after their massive mile stone debut ‘Non Shall Defy’ in 1998. Bonus to the album comes the live album ‘Chaos in Copenhagen’, originally released in 2000. Remastered by Tom Palms (Phlebotomized guitar player, also Pestilence, Sinister remasters). Liner notes by Stephan Gebedi (Thanatos, ex Hail of Bullets, and Aardschok (The Netherlands) journalist with vocalist Christoffer Bailly. 1. Unholier than Thou  
2. The Hunted
3. Gone the Way of All Flesh 
4. Black Infernal World
5. Roman Song
6. Where Is Your God 
7. Death Roll  
8. The Art of War  
Chaos in Copenhagen
9.  Birth of Power & Unholier Then Thou    
10. Where is Your God
11.  R.I.P. &  Night of the Living Dead  
12. The Hunted
13.  S.O.

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