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Under Satanae is the new full-length release of the Portuguese Dark Metal band Moonspell. This album consists of the complete re-recordings of all the existing pre-Wolfheart songs and includes all the tracks and instrumental pieces of the now legendary avant-garde Under the Moonspell (considered by many fans as an Underground gem of Mediterranean Black Metal) as well as diving deep into the band s blackest roots in the shape of the infamous 1993 demo-tape Anno Satanae and further into Morbid God s (pre-Moonspell) only recorded 1992 song, the tenebrous Serpent Angel . The result is like drinking from a dark fountain of youth. The band has revisited these songs under the wheel of Tue Madsen (The Haunted, Dark Tranquillity, Fight) at Denmark s finest, Antfarm studios and introduced new and daring arrangements to the pieces retaining, at all times, the primordial dark force, enthusiasm and unique depth of the originals.
1. Halla alle halla al rabka halla (Praeludium/Incantatum solistitium) (Re-Recorded)
2. Tenebarum Oratorium (AndamentoI/Erudit compendyum) (Re-Recorded)
3. Interludium/Incantatum Oequinoctum (Re-Recorded)
4. Tenebarum Oratorium (AndamentoII/Erotic Compendyum) (Re-Recorded)
5. Opus Diabolicum (Andamento III/Instrumental Compendyum) (Re- Recorded)
6. Chorai Lusitania! (Epilogus/Incantatam Maresia) (Re-Recorded)
7. Goat on fire (Re-Recorded)
8. Ancient winter goddess (Re-Recorded)
9. Wolves from the frog (Re-Recorded)
10. Serpent angel (Re-Recorded)

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