Til the Livin End

CD (Relapse Records)

Available from 08/07/2011

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"These boys are all high and out of control on a trashcan punch mixture of adrenaline and testosterone. After all, not every band includes copies of restraining orders and ex-girlfriend fuck-you letters in their liner notes." - AUSTIN CHRONICLE
"freewheeling abandon" - LA WEEKLY
Celebrated rock outlaws ZEKE set the cruise control to "white hot" on their Relapse debut, 'Til the Livin' End. A relentless ride of rock & roll abandon, ZEKE's 'Til the Livin' End mixes punk nihilism with a hard hitting metal extravagance. 'Til the Livin' End burns from start to finish, as super charged guitars, electrifying leads and a raucous punk attitude race full throttle down a highway to Hell. Thank the gods of rock & roll, you've just met your new favorite band.

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