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MANOWAR's new album, Hammer Of The Gods, which is the first installment of The Asgard Saga, the band's unique multimedia fantasy adventure with best-selling author Wolfgang Hohlbein, is tentatively due this fall. An EP, Thunder in the Sky, will precede the full-length CD MANOWAR is scheduled to headline six of Europe's largest heavy metal festivals as part of the Death To Infidels Tour! The self-proclaimed Kings of Metal have long crusaded to keep the spirit of true metal alive. In 2009, the crusade blazes through Europe armed with allies, HOLYHELL, and the legions of faithful metal warriors following the call to raise their arms, lock their wrists and sound the cry hail and kill!
CD 1
1.Thunder In The Sky 2.Let The Gods Decide 3.Father 4.Die With Honor 5.The Crown And The Ring (Metal Version) 6.God Or Man
CD 2
1.Tatko (Father - Bulgarian Version) 2.Otac (Father - Croatian Version) 3.Isä (Father - Finnish Version) 4.Mon Père (Father - French Version) 5.Vater (Father - German Version) 6.Patera (Father - Greek Version) 7.Apa (Father - Hungarian Version) 8.Padre (Father - Italian Version) 9.Oto san (Father - Japanese Version) 10.Far (Father - Norwegian Version) 11.Ojciec (Father - Polish Version) 12.Pai (Father - Portuguese Version) 13.Tata (Father - Romanian Version) 14.Padre (Father - Spanish Version) 15.Baba (Father - Turkish Version)

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